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Parking info

Because our hotel is in the middle of the center, we unfortunately do not have a privat parking.

Parking around Hotel de la Bourse is available at a number of places. In the chart below, we have the most obvious options given to you. We recommend to park in the parking garage of the Mosae Forum. This opportunity is best protected and the closest to the hotel. However, because it is expensive, we can also point out the option to park in the parking lot of the Cabergerweg. This is less expensive, and, to date, proven to be safe. We prefer not to reccomend the car park of the Sfinx. There has been some incidents in the past (broken window glasses). Of course parking always is at your own risk. We try to serve as much as possible with this info.

By clicking on the several P’s, you can get advanced information about parking and you can take over the address on your navigation system. Or print out the directions.